Correspondence Course

‘Can I also say what an enjoyable course it has been, and what a great teacher and nice person you are, thanks again’ – Stephanie Johnson - Norfolk


‘I would also like to take the opportunity to thank you for your advice and encouragement throughout the course as you have enabled me to turn an interest into a career. This course has given me a solid grounding in garden design’. Darren Ford – West Sussex


Over the past ten years garden design has become a serious art form with many practitioners, some of whom are excellent and many who are not!


As well as being a designer I am also a teacher and communicator having accepted the first ever Chair of Garden Design at Middlesex University.


I am passionate about education and specifically the correct teaching of design, it’s a complicated, fascinating and expressive business and once hooked you can never give it up!


There are many full and part time courses but owing to other commitments many people are unable to study these and with this in mind I have written and continually update a six part ‘modular’ distance learning course that can be studied anywhere in the world.


Subjects covered include all aspects of garden design from locality evaluation, through surveying, preparing scale drawings, hard landscape, the preparation the design and planting plans and finally the features and furnishings of the garden.

Most people take about a year to complete the modules although you can naturally take more or less time.


A vital aspect is the provision of positive feedback at every stage, I’m never too busy to answer your queries or offer advice, it’s a pleasure. I award a diploma if you complete the course successfully and I’ve been described as ‘firm but fair’!

The Course costs £498.00 and please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time when I’ll be delighted to send you the Introduction.


‘I wish to convey my sincere thanks from my heart for the whole work you have done for me. I have no good words to explain and qualify my thanks as a sign of more heart felt gratitude.’ Philemon Namane – Lesotho, Southern Africa


Philemon was one of my most talented students, a gifted and knowledgeable herbalist who wanted to learn the principles of design so that he could help his community. He was also enormous fun and a wonderfully humble man.


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