Cost & Fees

‘The design of a garden is a skilled and sensitive process, but it exists initially in a designers mind and those wonderfully intangible but practical thoughts are what you are paying for. Fees should therefore be always fair but never exorbitant’


After many years experience I have found the fairest way to work is on an hourly or daily basis. There are two basic stages which involve the initial site visit, followed by preparation of the drawings themselves. My personal rate is £500.00 per day, this equates to £62.50 per hour.


Garden visits are calculated from the time of leaving the office until the time of return. Travel time is naturally unproductive and has to be charged for as I’m unable to be on the drawing board!


If the garden is relatively small I can often measure it on the spot and undertake a photographic survey. If the areas are large and complicated I’ll possibly suggest having a professional survey carried out, which will form the basis of the design to follow. I can usually recommend a surveyor and their fee would be invoiced directly to yourselves.


Alternatively you may already have a survey, together with house plans in your possession. These are always useful and can of course be returned.


Once I have visited the garden and discussed everything with you, I shall be delighted to prepare a fixed quotation for the design work involved which will include the layout plans and separate planting plans as well as any other incidental information.


Travel overseas, or involving flying, will be by business class. Should the outgoing flight be particularly early an overnight stay in an airport hotel is often necessary. Taxis, rail and other disbursements are charged as extras, whether at home or abroad. | tel: +44 (0) 7860 716699